Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beard Hat for Kids

My friend asked me to make a beard hat for her nephew, but I could not find a pattern that I liked for knitting. Set on a mission I made up my mind to make my own. This pattern is modeled for a 4-5 year old, but can easily be modified. This is my first pattern, so if something is unclear, let me know. 

Needles: Size 7 dpn and strait needles

Yarn: Bulky, chunky weight yarn that’s soft on the face

Tools/Various: 4 stitch markers, clear thread, and 4 (1/2 inch) buttons

Cast on 8 stitches to dpn

R1: alternate k1 p1
R2: k1, k2together, YO, K1, k2together, YO, K1
R3-10: moss stitch
Leave on dpn, but cut 8 inch yarn tail to work in later.

Repeat on separate dpn, but do not cut yarn, move from dpn to straight needle.

R11: Moss stitch, then cast on 16 stitches, and moss stitch the other side. You should have 32 stitches on the needle now

R12: Continue Moss Stitch

R13: Moss for 12 stitches, BO 8, CO8, Moss Stitch

R14-19: Moss stitch

R20-however long you want it: begin decreasing by K1, K2tog, moss until only 3 stitches remain, K2tog, K1 (I worked this for about 7 rows for a 4 yr old)

When it is long enough to reach the child’s chin begin decreasing by P1, K2tog, P1, K2tog, until end. (this will make the beard hug the child’s chin)

Continue this until there are 2 stitches left, pull remaining yard thru, and sew in the tails.

Add buttons to a hat using invisible thread, and the holes made in the beginning will fit perfectly. I used the stitch markers to measure up where the beard needed to go in the hat

I tell you, Micah tried this on and loved it. I am so happy it turned out! 


  1. I truly like to reading your post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a nice information.

  2. Thank you so much! This looks great!

  3. Is this the beard, or the hat too?

  4. It is just the beard addition, the hat is a pattern on Hope that helps!

  5. cutest model :) adorable beard/hat!!! You are amazing!

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    1. Hi...Thanks for sharing your pattern, I found you on Ravelry. I am working on the beard, but I am having a bit of trouble.
      You start with ... Cast on 8 stitches to dpn
      I am fine until ... R2: k1, k2together, YO, K1, k2together, YO, K1
      R2 only equals 7 of the 8 stitches that you indicate is the initial cast on.
      I am curious if I can add or subtract a stitch and still come out with the same finished product.

      Also, in R13 when you BO 8 stitches do you knit BO or do you just slip two stitches from left to right, and then slip one over the other?

      Sorry to bother you, I am just trying to make sure I can finish about 3 of these before Christmas!

      Thanks so much for sharing your lovely pattern.


    2. Did you get this answered? I had some of the same questions. Thanks!

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  9. I'm not Melly, but I just knit the beard today, so I can answer the question above. Row 2 should read: k1, k2together, YO, K1, k2together, YO, K2 (instead of K1 as it is above). You'll want to knit across while you're binding off in Row 13, and then you'll cast on again in Row 14 to complete the hole for the mouth.

    I loved the shaping at the bottom. Such an adorable little beard.

  10. I just started working on this and I'm a bit confused- what happens to the first 10 rows that are left on the first DPN? It seems like the yarn is cut and the section is put aside, but I don't see where it comes back in later.

    1. I am not positive, as it is not my pattern, and I have just finishes reading it....but it appears that when the author writes 'R11........ now stitch the other side', she means the stitches on the dpn.